Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Anti-Bush t-shirt

I went to IKEA today to look for new light fixtures. I didn't buy any, but I had a good experience none-the-less. I was wearing my anti-Bush t-shirt, and got a lot of positive reactions. I've been noticing more & more positive signs about the November election. Except for one Bush sign on my block, and a smattering of Bush bumper stickers here & there, for the most part all I see is major support for Kerry - yeah!!

However, there was one news item this week about Kerry that irked me. He was asked: knowing what we know now about Iraq, would he still go to war...he said yes. Yes?! I doubt that he thought that answer through. I think he was worried about the ignorant red-neck vote when he answered that question. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.


Jim Marquis said...

Hey Lizzy-

I know what you mean about Kerry's comment. But I also gave him a pass because at this point he's just trying to snag what ever small portion of the electorate is undecided. This is one tough election.

I connected to your blog because you listed Todd Rundgren as one of your music favorites. He's my all time favorite artist. I also really like the Black Crowes.

We also have two dogs...Angus (Schnauzer)and Hank (Yellow Lab).

Have a good one!

Lizzy said...

My first comment! Thanks, J. Marquis. I really appreciated your thoughts on this. I will definitely be checking out your blog, as well.