Friday, August 17, 2007

Jon Stewart Grills Dick Cheney Biographer

Cheney Interview from 1994:

Jon Stewart grills Dick Cheney biographer about the 1994 interview:

Jon Stewart should run for office. Between himself, Keith Olbermann, and Bill Maher, they are the few that speak real truth to power.


Tom Harper said...

Unfortunately I think the Peter Principle has contaminated our political system. If Jon Stewart or Keith Olbermann or Bill Maher became politicians, they'd turn into empty suits a la Edwards and Hillary. Maybe not, but that's always what happens.

Who Hijacked Our Country

LET'S TALK said...

I'm incline to agree with tom harper. These guys say just what is wrong and just what this government is doing, but if they were in office in some form, who knows just what might happen. Then maybe they will be just as they are now. Who knows?
Oh before I forget again, Lizzy I ran into a great new bill maher site, check it out if you have the time. click Bill Maher

PoliShifter said...

Those were both good TDS's.

The problem with politics is that your life will be turned inside out and no one is better at ruining lives than Republicans.

Unless you have the scratch and power like Bush to make your drunk driving records go away, turn your coke use into a non-issue, or get Dan Rather fired for pointing out that you were awol and your daddy got you into the National Guard to avoid service in Vietnam....

If you don't have that kind of political clout, you'll get crushed.

I've heard rumors that Bill Maher fucks Ann Coulter. That would doom his candidacy. Not sure what dirt Stewart or Olbermann have in their closets but it would be found and exposed.

And since they don't from political connected families with hundreds of millions of dollars, they likely wouldn't be able to make a potential scandal go away like a Bush or Cheney can.

LET'S TALK said...

polishifter makes some good points as well. Do anyone recall the Olbermann slander about his sex life. click here
I've also heard about Bill and Ann's little get togethers.

1138 said...

LT & PS so should we just stay with the status quo?

Naw, what proof was there that the Colonial government would be any better than Royal Rule?

Sometimes you've got to change things, just because you have to.
We aren't there yet (in my opinion) but we get closer with every Congressional concession.

Lizzy said...

Yeah, you guys make some good points...but I still would like to see it happen (even though I know it never would.) Like 1138 said, it would be better than the status quo.

Thanks for the Maher link, LT. Excellent! As far as the Olbermann sex thing goes, I'm inclined not to believe it.

I think Maher used to fuck Ann Coulter, but not anymore. (Or, is that just wishful thinking?)

What's a TD, Poli?

Candace said...

Maher and the Coultergeist? Ugh.

I love those Stewart/Colbert bumper stickers. Why the hell not?

Snave said...

Maher and COulter? Arrrrrgh... say it isn't/wasn't so!!!

I can't imagine some of these comedian types turning into empty suits, but given the nature of the political game, I'd fear for their integrity. I hope Al Franken doesn't become a victim of the system... somehow I don't think he would.