Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm big in India

I finally hit all the continents! I wish the people reading my blog from outside the US would comment from time to time. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Are you listening South Africa, Ukraine, Ireland, UK, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Australia, Syria, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Iran? (I'm sorry if I missed anyone.) Come on, speak up, we won't bite.

We're (mostly) a bunch of liberals hanging out here, and all we really want is world peace. Let's start here! Quit your lurking and say hello. I dare ya.


PoliShifter said...

I don't want to be a total downer Lizzy...I am sure there are some real people from all over the world looking at your blog.

But there are also a lot of spam bots and malicious spyware that assholes originate out of servers from other countries to try to avoid prosectution in the U.S.

My guess is if you took off the word verification you would get a lot of "hi! Me like your site, link mine too! cheap viagra and big boobs!"

Lizzy said...

Ah, man, that totally sucks. Thanks for the heads up, Poli.

LET'S TALK said...

Sorry to have to say it Lizzy, but polishifter is correct. You will get a mixture of both great comment and a few spam sites about T-shirts and other things that just not worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...

I get a lot of hits from the Middle East, but they're almost always searching on porn or Brittney Spears. (Don't ask!)

1138 said...

I don't get a lot of spam bots from outside the US, but I do get a lot of odd hits from folks using search engines hitting blogger archive pages.
They seldom pull up a full blog post.
It's often scrounging for pictures.

Tom Harper said...

That's weird how these visits come from all over. I write a local blog that only deals with issues in Port Angeles, WA. I've put up a few posters around town advertising it, and between those posters and visits from web searches, that's the only "advertising" it's gotten. And I still get the occasional visit from Asia or South America.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Damien said...

NZ in the hizowse.