Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dennis Kucinich wins debate

I just finished watching the AFL-CIO Democratic debate on MSNBC. Obama did well, but I thought Kucinich hit it out of the park.

I know I change my mind every other day on who I support, but Kucinich consistently reflects my views. I should start putting my money where my mouth is, and truly support this man.


Anonymous said...

Four years ago I did an online political candidate compatibility test and Kucinich came out on top. Sadly, I do not see America moving that far to the left. Also, globalization is a reality. It needs to be managed to prevent abuse, but it cannot be stopped and perhaps should not be stopped. We would never have invaded Iraq if we were trading with them. But his position on that won't matter because most voters don't care about that issue. The bigger question is: Will offering America a woman or a black man guarantee a Republican victory in a country that stills reeks of sexism and racism? I hope not. I'd really like to see a Clinton/Obama ticket.

-Your sister's friend Dave

pissed off patricia said...

When I am honest with myself, I feel the same way that you do. I wish he really had a shot at it.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I'm sorry, but for one, I don't see Clinton/Obama, because there's too much bad blood. Also, if a Clinton is anywhere in the mix, in spite of their flagging popularity, you'll find record fundraising by the GOP. People have pretty much cemented their opinions of her, and I'm among the roughly half of all Americans who can't stand her. I think this nation is ready to elect a female candidate, if it's the right candidate. I don't think she's ever going to be it. Besides, she's had 8 years acting as President already.

Anonymous said...

I still really like Joe Biden. I think Obamas lack of experience and vague answers to questions presented will start showing up in the polls immediately.
My prediction: Clinton/Biden ticket.

Tom Harper said...

I didn't follow the debates that closely. I liked Obama's comeback about how ironic it was that he's being criticized by all these candidates who originally voted for Iraqmire. I like Kucinich but I don't think he can win. Not enough money and he's too far to the left for John Q. Public.

Who Hijacked Our Country

LET'S TALK said...

I'm with tom harper on Obama, I liked his comeback as well. I to agree that Kucinich had good answers but that's about as far as he will go with trying to become President.

1138 said...

It's a disappointing field and yes any one of them is better than any one of the Republicans announced and cowards ... er unannounced.
Kucinich doesn't have the image nor the character, nice guy, I'd love to have him represent me in Congress but he's not someone that could hold the military.
Obama, not too young but his years as a child outside the U.S. will haunt him in a general election - the same for Richardson (the most qualified), Biden will put his foot so far into his mouth that he'll be walking on two feet.
Hillary, oh Hillary, no Hillary.
The woman doesn't have the ring of sincerity, the aspect of truth, or the carm of her husband. No, the country would unite against ain't no stay at home bake cookies lady.
Hillary is damaged goods, and not much different than anyone else who voted us to war.
Little Johnny Edwards.
He was on a losing ticket, and that would be a good thing if we had political conventions and selection of VP candidates like we had in the old days, but Mr. Edwards went AWOL during the '04 elections and we know it, he wasn't selected to balance a ticket and wasn't a hot item during the '04 cycle and isn't now.
He is now what he was then, what anyone should want in a VP, but not a President - Edwards isn't a leader, he's a teacher.
Did I leave someone out?
Let's draft William Warren "Bill" Bradley and put an intelligent decent man in office for a change.

Lizzy said...

Dave, First of all, thanks for checking out my blog. Good comment. As far as a Clinton/Obama ticket, I think that's doubtful, but you never know. The election is still a far ways away.

PoP, I wish he had a shot, too. It's sad.

MC, Despite everything you said about Hillary, I kind-of think she does have a shot, whether we like it or not. I'm not a fan of hers either, but in the end, if she is the candidate, she'll have my vote.

Laura, I actually thought Obama did well on this last debate. And as far as his lack of experience goes, that may be seen as a plus for some. Everyone is sick of politics as usual, and he isn't tainted by that (yet.)

Tom & LT, I liked Obama's comeback, too. I also liked what he said on the previous debate about meeting with the leaders of all the countries in his first year.

1138, I liked your assessment. Bill Bradley is a good man, but I don't think he has the pizazz that the general public is looking for. Al Gore on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

In case you miss it.... I appreciate what you're doing. Keep at it.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I think Kucinich is probably the best candidate out there for the left wing of the Democratic Party. He might even be a great guy; I honestly don't know much about him. He just reminds me of the Keebler elves for some reason... mmmm, cookies.

Lizzy, I'm starting to think that you're right about Hil, and although we disagree greatly on our particular reasoning, I think we both agree that she's not representative of where the country needs to go.

1138 said...

I forgot Dodd - and so has everyone else.

Lizzy said...

Jollyroger, Thanks for the award. I really appreciate it. It's always nice to be recognized.

MC, It's nice that we're finally seeing eye to eye on something. Even though we've had our differences, and some fairly nasty spats, I've always respected your opinion. And, did you notice, I've added you to my blogroll!

1138, Hummm, Chris Dodd, doesn't ring a bell. ; )

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I don't know if it's funny or sad that one of the very few areas where the moderate to far left agree with conservatives, libertarians, and minarchists is the front-runner for one or both of the major political parties. I think I'll go with ironic laughter.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Oh, and Lizzy, thanks for adding me to your blogroll, and I have reciprocated. :)

Snave said...

While I still think Bill Richardson would make a good president, he seems to be wearing a signboard that reads "Hey, I'd make a great veep!" Given that his presidential candidacy isn't really going anywhere, and given my distaste/distrust for Hillary Clinton, I'm thinking more about Obama because he may be the only Dem with a chance of beating Clinton, at least at this point. I might be more interested in supporting Edwards, but his candidacy has been ruined by the $400 haircut business (thanks, right-wing media... and Biden would be branded a "cheater" because of the plagiarism thing from about 20 years ago.

As for Dennis Kucinich, for my political tastes he may be the next best thing to having Gore or Feingold running, but neither of them seem to be in the picture. Whereas both of them have also been tarred with the "far-out kooky liberal" tag, it seems to me that Kucinich has been to a greater extent, and I believe unfairly so.

In this day and age, when appearance and charisma seem to trump ideas, he is at a disadvantage when facing off against most of the other Dem candidates... but if the guy could just get some positive media coverage, I am certain more Americans would come to take him seriously. I have seen him speak, and when he gets going, he DOES have a certain kind of charisma. As for appearance, well... he doesn't look like a movie star, but he doesn't look like the north-facing end of a southbound horse, either.

Whatever the factors, I think he doesn't get fair treatment in the media. If he did, I think people would realize that whether or not they like his political bent, what he says tends to make sense, and that he passionate about what he says. Most important of all to me is that I believe he is out to preserve things we hold dear in America more than he is out to portray an image. To his credit, he is more about content than he is about form.

Because it is so important for America to wrest the White House away from the neocons, and because I don't have a lot of money to contribute to political campaigns, I tend to make up my mind for the one candidate I believe has the best chance to win the nomination (or the best chance to defeat a front-runner I don't really like) and to contribute to that person. Until I see more about how things are shaping up, I'll probably keep my donations going to the Democratic party in general... although it is very tempting to send Kucinich some money, just out of general principle. He doesn't give up, he works hard, and I believe that's the way he would approach things if he could become president.

How is it that the best candidates are often the ones who don't get the nomination? It always comes down to the money. I may just have to send a few dollars Kucinich's way.

As for Clinton, we should know the Republicans will be careful not to unearth any dirt on her until she gets the nomination (if she does). They WANT her to be the Democratic presidential candidate... they know what a boon a Clinton candidacy would be to their fundraising. I'm sure they're licking their chops, salivating over the chance to drag Clinton through the mud (and drag her husband through the mud again too) so one of their Republi-bots can win in 2008. This is my primary complaint about Clinton; I believe that if she is nominated, it will spoil the Democrat's chances of regaining the White House, and possibly destroy her party's chances of making inroads into moderate America. People will unite against her more than they will line up behind her, and she doesn't seem willing to acknowledge this. Because I believe she is starting to look like the Democrat nominee, I hope I'm very wrong about her.

So without the GOP to drag clinton down during the next year, it will have to be up to the other Democratic candidates to point out her flaws and convince voters she is not the best way for the party to go. The way to beat the GOP in 08? Nominate someone else to run for the Democrats.

My list looks like this at the moment: 1. Obama, 2. Kucinich, 3. Richardson, 4. Edwards, 5. Biden, 6. others, and last) Clinton.

Lizzy said...

MC, I don't know if it's funny or sad either that the middle/far left & conservatives agree on Hillary. Maybe it's something we can get together on after all, and bury the hatchet. I just wish her polling would reflect our thinking.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. We've come a long way, baby!

Snave, Once again, you've hit every nail on the head. I'm still holding out hope for Gore and Feingold to reconsider, too. They are my dream candidates. In the meantime, I am supporting Kucinich and Obama, as well. To me, they represent freshness & hope.

As far as fundraising goes, I have given money to Obama & Edwards (& Franken.) However, when the Edwards camp called me last week, I told them that I have switched to Kucinich. And, when the DNC called, I told them (again) that they're not getting another dime out of me until Pelosi puts impeachment back on the table. I think if everyone said that, we might finally get somewhere.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Lizzy, at first, I allowed my deep and abiding distaste for the leadership of one of the groups with whom you are affiliated to color my opinion of you, and I was wrong. I was very wrong, and I'm sorry. Of course, my opinion of the leadership of PETA and my stance in the debate of animal welfare vs. animal rights is unchanged, but I'm going to strive to be at least more agreeable when I disagree.