Tuesday, August 21, 2007


(From Al Franken)

Dear Friend,

When I was in the third grade, President Eisenhower traveled around the world on a goodwill tour. He went to Italy, Turkey, Afghanistan, even Iran - and everywhere he went, hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets waving American flags.

This week, President Bush is coming to Minnesota. But there won't be any cheering, because he won't be appearing in public. He won't be speaking to middle-class families who can't afford to send their kids to college. He won't be meeting with sugar beet farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by CAFTA. And you can bet he's steering clear of any Minnesotans who want him to finally face up to the mistakes he's made in Iraq.

No, George W. Bush is here to raise money for Senator Norm Coleman at a private party in Eden Prairie - and you're probably not invited. It costs at least $1,000 to attend, and if you want to be a "host," it'll run you nearly $15,000. In 2005, Bush came to town for Mark Kennedy and raised almost a million bucks in one night.

Norm Coleman thinks that, by next November, we'll all forget that he brought George W. Bush to town to raise money for him behind closed doors.

But we won't forget that Norm Coleman has voted in lockstep with this administration. We won't forget that Norm Coleman has been a cheerleader for George W. Bush's war in Iraq. And we won't forget that even now, he's choosing to literally stand with the President - if only when he thinks no one's looking.

I need you to help me take on the right-wing money machine. You might not have $1,000 lying around, let alone $15,000. But if you have $100, or $50, or even $20, you can help.


Last quarter, we out-raised Norm Coleman, even though our average donation was just $65. And so far, we've had over 45,000 people contribute to our campaign for change.

They may have the money, but we have the people. And I firmly believe that our people power is strong enough to stand up to the big money Norm Coleman will be raising at his private event with the President.

George W. Bush is no Dwight Eisenhower. But he'll be gone in 2009, replaced by a Democrat. And with your help, Norm Coleman will be, too.

Click on the video to watch my message and then please chip in whatever you can to help prove that when we work together, we can beat the right-wing money machine.


Al Franken


Candace said...

Lizzy, this is great - thanks for posting this. It's heartening to hear that Franken has already raised so much money, and with an average of only $65 per donor. Obama's been doing the same kind of thing. The people are awakening!

Tom Harper said...

That's really telling that everywhere Bush goes, he's secluded in a bubble where nobody is allowed except for pre-selected neocons and wealthy contributors. And everybody is instructed to break into "spontaneous" applause at a certain cue.

Did any of his predecessors do this? I seem to remember Clinton, Reagan, Bush 41 -- all of them out in the open, waving to to crowds. What happened?

Who Hijacked Our Country

PoliShifter said...

I really hope to see Senator Franken in 2009.

People might actually start watching CSPAN, if only for the jokes.

He'd make a great Senator. He's honest.

Does anyone remember when honesty and integrity actually counted for something?

I don't mean the fake Republican kind where you go to a fundy church and tell them that you believe in family values, honesty, and integrity. Then you go back to DC, take money from lobbyists, and fuck prostitutes.

No, I'm talking about genuine honesty and integrity. Al has it.

I can't think of one Republican in office right now that does. I can think of several Democrats.

Go figure. How again did Republicans become the Family Values party of honesty and integrity? In reality, they are the party of crooks and liars.

LET'S TALK said...

Lizzy, you are so right about Sen. Coleman. He has voted in lockstep with this administration and allowed this President to disregard our Constitution in every way.

Candace said...

Hey Lizzy, I just "Stumbled" your excellent post about the Bush Crime Family - hope it gets lots of readers! If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about :) then look at http://www.stumbleupon.com - it has almost 4 million members so far!

1138 said...

Go Al!

Lizzy said...

Candace, I agree. Having many people donating small amounts is better than a few giving large amounts. In the end, it comes down to one person - one vote, so that bodes well for Franken...and Obama.

I checked out Stumble Upon. It's very cool!

Tom, They need to keep Bush in his safe little bubble away from opposing viewpoints in order to "stay the course" (to hell.)

Poli, I think Franken will make a great Senator, as well. I believe he'll follow in the footsteps of Paul Wellstone.

Republican Family Values...what a crock.

LT, Coleman's days are surely numbered. He's trying to walk a fine line between distancing himself from W, yet accepting his help for fundraising. It's not going to work.

1138, Go Al, go!!

Snave said...


Gotta love it.

People will try and trash him for using swear words, talking about drugs, etc. but in the end his integrity will win out over the weaseldom represented so thoroughly by Coleman. I don't see how it is possible that Coleman could get re-elected...