Saturday, July 28, 2007

Billo equates lefty bloggers to Nazis & the KKK

Thanks to PoliShifter for posting this video on his blog first.

Watch the video, and then take action here:
FOX Attacks: They Distort, We Reply


Snave said...

Screw FOX. Screw Charles Krauthammer, screw O'Reilly, screw Brit Hume, Hannity, all of them.

Bill has the gall to compare left-wing bloggers to the KKK and Nazis? He obviously hasn't been to any of the right-wing sites. Then again, their opinions and violent, hateful rhetoric probably echo his own sentiments.

This is a classic case of projection on the part of the conservatives. They know it. They know they can hoodwink lots and lots of people by using FOX to spread this disinformation.

Fuck 'em.

I'm signing up.

LET'S TALK said...

This is just a cable company seeing the end to their crap. They see the the bloggers are calling them on the lies they put into the head of a lot of people that call themselves Republicans.

Tom Harper said...

LOL. The Attack of The Bloggers! Some modern-day Joe McCarthy will be looking for a blogger under every bed, and asking everybody "are you now or have you ever been a blogger?"

Who Hijacked Our Country

Lizzy said...

Snave, I agree. This is a clear case of projection.

LT, I hope you're right. I wonder what their ratings have been lately. I'll have to look into that.

Tom, hehe

Damien said...

Oh no I guess they'll start having McCarthy style hearings pretty soon, don't worry i won't name anyone.

Lizzy said...

Thanks, Damien : )

1138 said...

Billo should take a hard long look at himself in a mirror.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

While I think Billo's statement is true in a very limited number of cases, as a sweeping generalization, he could not be more wrong. Then again, this is Billo we're talking about.

One thing that is often forgotten is that McCarthy was a Senator, and the hearings were held by the House Un-American Activities Committee. So, while McCarthy did certainly greatly exacerbate that particular nightmare, the problem existed before he came to power and after he left. In short, he was lit match, not the gasoline that had been splashed on the Constitution. I find myself very convinced that Billo and his band of merry sheet-heads are trying to lay down a lot of gasoline, hoping to inspire someone to light that match and set this body politic aflame. Thankfully, the American public's BS detectors are starting to blare loudly, and to further torture that analogy, the oxygen is being pumped out of that room. No oxidizer=no fire.