Sunday, May 14, 2006

In an alternate universe

Like I've said before, I have watched Saturday Night Live since the very beginning with John, Dan, Chevy & Gilda. The show can be very inconsistent with it's writing, but on the whole, it's always a must-see (except for the horrible mid 80's years.)

Last night's opening was the best thing they did all season. If you didn't catch it, you can see it here. Scroll half-way down the page to "SNL: If Al Gore were President." From there you can download the video:

Crooks & If Al Gore were President

It made me feel all tingly inside.


Snave said...

Thanks for the link, that is truly great stuff!

I went on to look at some of the comments on that blog, and whew... asinine. They have some definite troll problems over there!

Jim Marquis said...

It's great to see Al Gore having a good time. And it's actually a pretty smart way to plant the seeds for a presidential run...

Lizzy said...

It would be a great way to plant the seed, but didn't he say he wasn't running?