Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The emperor has no clothes

Ok, I'll admit, I made it through most of Dubya's speech.

All I could think about when he was talking was:

...for everything he's saying, the opposite is true

...he must think that if you say a lie over & over, it magically becomes a truth


...every time he talked about "the enemy," all I could think about was him.

If we don't win back those Senate & House seats this year, and begin proceedings to prosecute the Bush junta, I give up.


Sheryl said...

Hey, Lizzy. Paul left you a little present on my blog (unless he put it here somewhere.) I thought I should let you know in case he only left the link on my blog.

Lizzy said...

Thanks, Sheryl. That was super-nice of him.

Paul G. said...

Tweak, did a confessed OCD ask for a tweak?


Let me know what it is.

Molly said...

My friend who is a Republican thinks that I should have listened to the speech but I could not bear to hear this mans voice! You are much braver than I!

Lizzy said...

Hi Paul,

I'm out the door right now, but I'll contact you later.

Actually, I don't have your email, could you email me?


Damien said...

I must admit I was going to watch but decided I had better things to do after the first five minutes.