Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Hard Left

My fiance, Tom, has been a musician going way back. He had some limited success in the 80's/90's with The Magnolias. They put out several albums and even had a video on MTV's 120 Minutes.

His new band, The Hard Left, played for the first time last Friday. They rocked.

The lead is my friend, Brian. Tom is on the right.


Jim Marquis said...

Cool name.

Snave said...

I heard there's another band out there with a HUGE following, called "The 'Tard Right"!

Jus' kidding! That's a great photo! Playing music is cool!

Lizzy said...

Thanks guys. : )

Damien said...

Thats pretty darn cool, I'll be looking out for the name when they break through, wow almost everyone on my blogger buds list does something musical - anyway happy new years young lady.