Monday, October 24, 2005


Photo-art by Damien

Wellstone, my African Grey parrot, is starting to talk! He said his first word, "Hello," on Sept 30. Since then he's said it only a few times - until yesterday when he said it about 10 times in a row. Tom thinks he sounds like me, but I think he sounds like himself. I can't wait to hear what his next word will be. With all the news we've been watching lately, maybe it will be "indictments."


Snave said...

Congrats to you and Wellstone!

You might not want to teach your bird to say "Fuck Bush!" It might end up being somewhat embarrassing, as he might continue to say it for decades. What is the lifespan of a bird such as Wellstone? If he said "Fuck Bush!" in 2060, would it mean anything to anybody?

Of course if Miers makes it onto the Supreme Court, we may all be saying "Fuck Bush" thirty or forty years from now... I was trained to parrot that phrase starting about 1980 when Senior became VP, and I continued to say it during the Clinton administration. Nowadays, it bursts forth from my lips with alarming regularity!

Damien said...

Hey its a Damien Morgan original, its sounds like Cheney is about to be outed - as your previous Cheney post pointed out (I heard it here first).

Lizzy said...

Yea, I'm trying to make sure no one swears around the bird, "fuck Bush," or "Buck Fush" included. These birds can live up to 75 years!

I have a feeling that Miers will pull out, but with all the damage that Dubya has done, we'll all be cursing GWB for many, many years to come.

Damien, we can only hope...