Monday, September 12, 2005

My three-prong approach

I'm not sure what makes me more angry - the complete incompetence and idiocy of the Bush White House, or the meek Democrats that are afraid to say & do something about it.

I went to the DNC website and wrote to Howard Dean myself. I'm sure he'll never read it, but maybe someone will. I let them know my idea on how to start winning back the hearts & minds of all Americans, especially those that foolishly voted for Bush because they didn't know any better.

My idea centers around a huge ad campaign. Using every kind of media available:

1. Remind everyone about every big (9/11, Iraq, bin Laden not captured, Katrina, Rove leak, Delay's activities, Teri Shiavo, out-of-date power grid, Leave No Child a Dime act, environmental atrocities, etc, etc, etc) and small (too numerous too mention) failure of the Bush administration.

2. Tell everyone how the Democrats would have done things differently.

3. Tell them what the Democrats will do for them if & when we get the power back.

Sure, the Repubs would try to counter our ad campaign with their own, but they really don't have a leg to stand on anymore.

Howard, are you listening?


Sheryl said...

I did that right after he got elected to head the DNC.

I suggested that the DNC should host courses in how to set up vlogs (aka video blogs), so that the party can do an end run around the corporate media. Frankly, I think the DNC suggestion page is just used to get address for potential donors.

I would suggest instead finding out who your DNC reps are in Minnesota and contacting them. Think of Dean as the President of the party, but these people are your reps. And if they are not doing anything in their job, then make them do their job. Or promise to run against them next time they run.

Here's a list:

MINNESOTA * Mike Erlandson 2809 E. Lake of Isles Pkwy. Minneapolis, MN 55408 H:612-879-8881

Tarryl Clark 255 E. Plato Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55107 W:651-251-6315

Ken Foxworth 614 4th St. Minneapolis, MN 55404 W:612-879-7526

Nancy Larson 21950 CSAH #4 Dassel, MN 55325 W:320-275-3130

Rick Stafford 3154 Bloomington Ave. S. #202 Minneapolis, MN 55407 H:612-728-9495

Jackie Stevenson 3541 Robinwood Ter. Minneatonka, MN 55305 H:952-938-6472

Lizzy said...

Wow! Thanks, Sheryl. Great suggestions. I'm going to contact my reps to see what they have to say. Thanks again!

Sheryl said...

You're welcome.

Actually, it was the DNC that voted Dean in to start with, so they do have some power at least. How much I am not sure.

Come to think of it, I should contact mine. I want to see the national party rules posted on the website, so people know what their rights are in the party.

I suggested that as well, but I hadn't checked back to see if they ever did that.

Sheryl said...

PS Another way to get to the DNC would be to try and directly contact one of the office staff there.

The year before last I discovered that the Federal Elections Commission collects data on all the expenditures going out of the party, which include the list of people on salary there.

Here's the link for their latest report:

I don't think you can get any deeper into the bowels of the party than that. Good luck!

Damien said...

Wow excellent grunt work Sheryl, great stuff.

Damien said...

Wait I forgot to comment, if everyone keeps hammering away and staying on message 'look this guy can't be trusted', I'm sure you will have removed his ability to effectively endorse candidates come the next election.

Lizzy said...

I appreciate the help, Sheryl. Good work.

Damien, I sure hope so.

Sheryl said...

Thanks Damien and Lizzy. The crazy thing about the FEC reports is that they openly give people's home addresses. They must think no one looks at those reports, even though they are public record. They are probably right though.

Anonymous said...

Are you the same Lizzie who hid behimd her mom at family functions?
Your Blog blows my mind!
It runs in the family, your cousin Amy is right this minute leading 7 bus loads of anti-war demonstraters from New Jersey to Washington, D.C.
I like this family!