Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Boycott Canadian Seafood

Back in 9th grade, I saw a film in science class that showed baby seals being clubbed to death - in front of their mothers. It forever changed me. From that moment on, I was an animal rights activist (before they were even called that.) That was 26 years ago.

While I'm sure many of the people reading this do not agree with some aspects of the animal rights movement, I'm sure we can all agree on this issue.

Please read and sign this pledge. Thank you.

The Humane Society of the United States Protect Seals campaign

STOP Canada's Massive Seal Hunt

The 2005 Seal Hunt:

We're There to Stop It. The largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the planet will begin in late March. By the end of this year's hunt, more than 300,000 baby seals will have been brutally killed—many, incredibly, as young as 12 days old. The Humane Society of the United States will be on the front lines in Canada, reporting and videotaping events as they unfold and fighting to halt this atrocity. Stand with us today and stop the seal hunt forever.

Don't Buy While Seals Die:

Boycott Canadian Seafood. Help save the seals by signing the pledge below to boycott Canadian seafood. (Don't worry, once you've signed we'll tell you how to spot Canadian seafood.) We'll deliver your pledge to Canada's government so the politicians will know you've joined our international "Protect Seals" team to end this awful hunt."I pledge not to buy Canadian seafood products such as snow crabs, cod, scallops, and shrimp until Canada ends its commercial seal hunt for good."

Click here to sign The HSUS Pledge to Protect Seals


Damien said...

Seeing the image files on the site was enough for me think about being more selective about the stuff i buy. In fact one of the canned Pink Salmon products I typically buy is Canadian. I think one of the local fishery firms (Sea Lords) sources it in.

sleepybomb said...

i just don't get it. where does this fit in with anything. why do they need seals other than circus acts, (which is too cruel in itself).
i am gonna do something also and thanks for the heads-up, and i love your site. . .

Snave said...

Good job posting this one. I will definitely be more selective...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for that comment! If anyone needs more convincing, please see this site:

Lizzy said...

Thanks everyone. It is very much appreciated.