Friday, March 25, 2005

The Disconnect

Bush stated last Monday regarding Terri Schiavo: " is always wise to err on the side of life."

List of prisoners exonerated after being sent to death row:

1. David Keaton FL
2. Samuel A. Poole NC
3. Wilbert Lee FL
4. Freddie Pitts FL
5. James Creamer GA
6. Christopher Spicer NC
7. Thomas Gladish NM
8. Richard Greer NM
9. Ronald Keine NM
10. Clarence Smith NM
11. Delbert Tibbs FL
12. Earl Charles GA
13. Jonathan Treadway AZ
14. Gary Beeman OH
15. Jerry Banks GA
16. Larry Hicks IN
17. Charles Ray Giddens OK
18. Michael Linder SC
19. Johnny Ross LA
20. Ernest (Shuhaa) Graham CA
21. Annibal Jaramillo FL
22. Lawyer Johnson MA
23. Anthony Brown FL
24. Neil Ferber PA
25. Clifford Henry Bowen OK
26. Joseph Green Brown FL
27. Perry Cobb IL
28. Darby (Williams) Tillis IL
29. Vernon McManus TX
30. Anthony Ray Peek FL
31. Juan Ramos FL
32.Robert Wallace GA
33. Richard Neal Jones OK
34. Willie Brown FL
35. Larry Troy FL
36. Randall Dale Adams TX
37. Robert Cox FL
38. Timothy Hennis NC
39. James Richardson FL
40. Clarence Brandley TX
41. John C. Skelton TX
42. Dale Johnston OH
43. Jimmy Lee Mathers AZ
44. Gary Nelson GA
45. Bradley P. Scott FL
46. Charles Smith IN
47. Jay C. Smith PA
48. Kirk Bloodsworth MD
49. Federico M. Macias TX
50. Walter McMillian AL
51. Gregory R. Wilhoit OK
52. James Robison AZ
53. Muneer Deeb TX
54. Andrew Golden FL
55. Joseph Burrows IL
56. Adolph Munson OK
57. Robert Charles Cruz AZ
58. Rolando Cruz IL
59. Alejandro Hernandez IL
60. Sabrina Butler MS
61. Verneal Jimerson IL
62. Dennis Williams IL
63. Roberto Miranda NV
64. Gary Gauger IL
65. Troy Lee Jones CA
66. Carl Lawson IL
67. David Wayne Grannis AZ
68. Ricardo Aldape Guerra TX
69. Benjamin Harris WA
70. Robert Hayes FL
71. Randall Padgett AL
72. James Bo Cochran AL
73. Robert Lee Miller, Jr. OK
74. Curtis Kyles LA
75. Shareef Cousin LA
76. Anthony Porter IL
77. Steven Smith IL
78. Ronald Williamson OK
79. Ronald Jones IL
80. Clarence Dexter, Jr. MO
81. Warren Douglas Manning SC
82. Alfred Rivera NC
83. Steve Manning IL
84. Eric Clemmons MO
85. Joseph Nahume Green FL
86. Earl Washington VA
87. William Nieves PA
88. Frank Lee Smith FL
89. Michael Graham LA
90. Albert Burrell LA
91. Oscar Lee Morris CA
92. Peter Limone MA
93. Gary Drinkard AL
94. Joaquin Jose Martinez FL
95. Jeremy Sheets NE
96. Charles Fain ID
97. Juan Roberto Melendez FL
98. Ray Krone AZ
99. Thomas Kimbell, Jr. PA
100. Larry Osborne KY
101. Aaron Patterson IL
102. Madison Hobley IL
103. Leroy Orange IL
104. Stanley Howard IL
105. Rudolph Holton FL
106. Lemuel Prion AZ
107. Wesley Quick AL
108. John Thompson LA
109. Timothy Howard OH
110. Gary Lamar James OH
111. Joseph Amrine MO
112. Nicholas Yarris PA
113. Alan Gell NC
114. Gordon Steidl IL
115. Laurence Adams MA
116 .Dan L. Bright LA
117. Ryan Matthews LA
118. Ernest Ray Willis TX
119. Derrick Jamison OH
(should be on the list: Damien Echols)

List of executions while Bush was governor of Texas:

1. Clifton Russell
2. Willie Ray Williams
3. Jeffrey Motley
4. Billy Conn Gardner
5. Samuel Hawkins
6. Noble Mays
7. Fletcher Thomas Mann
8. Ronald Allridge
9. John Fearance Jr.
10. Karl Hammond
11. Vernon Satterwhite
12. Carl Johnson Jr.
13. Harold Joe Lane
14. Bernard Amos
15. Hai Hai Vuong
16. Esequel Banda
17. James Briddle
18. Leo Jenkins
19. Kenneth Granviel
20. Joe Gonzales
21. Richard Brimage Jr.
22. John Barefield
23. David Lee Herman
24. David Spence
25. Billy Woods
26. Kenneth Gentry
27. Benjamin Boyle
28. Ernest Orville Baldree
29. Terry Washington
30. Anthony Ray Westley
31. Clifton Belyeu
32. Richard Drinkard
33. Clarence Lackey
34. Bruce Callins
35. Larry Wayne White
36. Robert Madden
37. Patrick Roberts
38. Kenneth Harris
39. Davis Losada
40. Dorsie Johnson
41. Earl Behringer
42. David Stoker
43. Eddie James Johnson
44. Irineo Montoya
45. Robert West Jr.
46. James Carl Lee Davis
47. Jessel Turner
48. Benjamin Stone
49. John Cockrum
50. Dwight Adanandus
51. Ricky Lee Green
52. Kenneth Ransom
53. Aua Lauti
54. Aaron Lee Fuller
55. Michael Sharp
56. Charlie Lee Livingston
57. Michael Lockhart
58. Karla Faye Tucker
59. Steven Renfro
60. Jerry Lee Hogue
61. Joseph Cannon
62. Lesley Gosch
63. Frank McFarland
64. Robert A. Carter
65. Pedro Cruz Muniz
66. Clifford Boggs
67. Johnny Pyles
68. Leopoldo Narvaiz
69. Genaro Ruiz Camacho
70. Delbert Teague
71. David Castillo
72. Javier Cruz
73. Jonathan Nobles
74. Kenneth McDuff
75. Daniel Lee Corwin
76. Jeff Emery
77. James Meanes
78. John Glenn Moody
79. Troy Farris
80. Martin Vega
81. Jorge Cordova
82. Danny Lee Barber
83. Andrew Cantu
84. Norman Green
85. Charles Rector
86. Robert Excell White
87. Aaron C. Foust
88. Jose De La Cruz
89. Clydell Coleman
90. William Little
91. Joseph Stanley Faulder
92. Charles Daniel Tuttle
93. Tyrone Fuller
94. Ricky Blackmon
95. Charles Anthony Boyd
96. Kenneth Dunn
97. James Earhart
98. Joe Trevino
99. Raymond James Jones
100. Willis Barnes
101. William Price Davis
102. Richard Wayne Smith
103. Alvin Wayne Crane
104. Jerry McFadden
105. Domingo Cantu
106. Desmond Jennings
107. John Michael Lamb
108. Jose Gutierrez
109. David Long
110. James Beathard
111. Robert Atworth
112. Sammie Felder Jr.
113. Earl Heiselbetz, Jr.
114. Spencer Goodman
115. David Hicks
116. Larry Robison
117. Billy Hughes, Jr.
118. Glen McGinnis
119. James Moreland
120. Cornelius Goss
121. Betty Lou Beets
122. Odell Barnes Jr.
123. Ponchai Wilkerson
124. Timothy Gribble
125. Tommy Ray Jackson
126. William Kitchens
127. Michael McBride
128. James Richardson
129. Richard Foster
130. James Clayton
131. Robert Carter
132. Thomas Mason
133. John Burks
134. Paul Nuncio
135. Gary Graham
136. Jessy San Miguel
137. Orien Joiner
138. Juan Soria
139. Brian Roberson
140. Oliver Cruz
141. John Satterwhite
142. Richard Jones
143. David Gibbs
144. Jeff Caldwell
145. Ricky McGinn
146. Jeffrey Dillingham
147. Miguel Flores
148. Stacey Lawton
149. Tony Chambers
150. Garry Miller
151. Daniel Hittle
152. Claude Jones

It had to be said.


Snave said...

And you said it nicely! Thanks for posting this!

Jim Marquis said...

Thanks for showing that, Lizzy. My wife and I have been talking about this very subject a lot these past couple weeks.

Lizzy said...

You're welcome, guys. I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees something wrong here.

Jim Marquis said...

FYI, I did a little piece on the "culture of life" and I referred to your list of executed inmates...

sleepybomb said...

ouch . . .
culture of life depends on the side of the tracks.

Damien said...

Man it's just the share hypocracy that gets me. Good to see the zealots making fools of themselves. Again thanks for the list Lizzy, it makes a difference actually seeing the names.

Lizzy said...

You are very welcome, Damien.

Anonymous said...

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cylon said...

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