Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Isn't that special

Rove won't be charged in CIA leak case

Associated Press
June 13, 2006 – 8:55 AM

WASHINGTON — Top White House aide Karl Rove has been told by prosecutors he won't be charged with any crimes in the investigation into the leak of a CIA officer's identity, his lawyer said today, lifting a heavy burden from one of President Bush's most trusted advisers.

Attorney Robert Luskin said that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald informed him of the decision on Monday, ending months of speculation about the fate of Rove, the architect of Bush's 2004 re-election now focused on stopping Democrats from capturing the House or Senate in this November's elections.


Brian Drake said...

Lizzy...This is just one more example of the length and breadth of the absolute corruption of this administration. How any thinking person can accept this lame lack of enforcement of our nation's laws, leaves me nearly speechless. The American public...in their media induced coma, and hypnotic state of out-of-control consumerism...has lost any and all semblance of an attention span. The Republican SS, with the cooperation of the media, knows if they can simply keep any 'touchy' issues on the back burner long enough...everyone will just conveniently forget those issues. 9 out of 10 people on the street can't name the Secretary of State, let alone KKKarl Rove. We're fucking doomed.

Damien said...

Double fuck on that one, here we go again. And I guess Rove will go back to being the darling of the Whitehouse press corps. Total whitewash!!

Lizzy said...

Triple fuck.

1138 said...

His day will come.
This should be enogh to raise his confidence to a level were he can be nailed for shoplifting.

He now really believes he's above the law, watch him start exploring the limits more boldly.

Snave said...

We can hope that the reason they are letting him off is that he made some kind of plea bargain that includes pointing the finger at Cheney... but of course we know that won't happen. Scheise...