Friday, December 16, 2005

Spying on you & me

Last year I had the sense that I was being surveilled. When I told my sister & fiance that Republicans were spying on me, they laughed.

Maybe I was right....

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Without confirming a report that he OK'd eavesdropping on U.S. citizens in 2002, President Bush defended his actions since September 11, 2001, saying he has done everything "within the law" to protect the American people.

A story in The New York Times on Friday claimed that Bush secretly signed an order authorizing the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans who were communicating with individuals overseas to determine if they had terrorist ties.

Ok, so I didn't talk with anyone overseas (other than Damien,) and of course I'm not a terrorist (unless being a member of Peta counts,) but I still get the feeling lefties are being watched.


Damien said...

You never no heck even I could be on some NSA watch list (well I hope so anyway), now I'm bidding my time on this one to see if it gets legs - condering the way the patriot act additions went down in flames I'm just thinking this could get really, really big if the parts of the list get out - not to mention chances that Dubya thought he was beyond the law.

Okay I'll try to trigger an NSA intell crawler,

"I love Osama", "Osama rocks", "Bomb, Jihad" nah don't think it'll work

Snave said...

I think it would be fun to see an alternate "State of the Union" address, in which average citizens who have been spied upon could be brought as examples to be pointed out in the audience by whoever was giving the address. We know Bush will have a few "poster child" types at his next SOTU address, just like most presidents have had during recent years...

Bush's "plants" will probably be soldiers, because his address will probably center around terrorism and the Iraq War (he has little else to speak about, it seems). I doubt he would have the balls to place a Katrina survivor in the audience...

So why not have a televised "address" in which the camera pans to someone BushCo. has spied upon, someone who was a victim of slow responses to Hurricane Katrina, a citizen who needed to declare bankruptcy but couldn't, a college student who has had his or her loans cut, someone who lost most or all of their retirement in the Enron fiasco, etc.

I think such an exercise would be lots of fun!

Lizzy said...

Be careful, Damien. You never know!

Snave, if one of the people BushCo spied upon had proof, they could take him to court. Now THAT would be fun!