Thursday, February 24, 2005

Propaganda Press Corps

I am continually amazed by the huge stories this administration is able to sweep under the rug. However, what I don't understand is the press. The latest scandal is getting little to no airtime in the mainstream media. Who is making these decisions? Is Karl Rove making death threats, or has the media just given up?

Can you imagine if the "Jeff Gannon" story had broke in the Clinton Whitehouse? Bill would have been tarred and feathered by now.


Snave said...

Heh heh...

And so many people still believe this Republican-generated B.S. about "the liberal media"? Tsk, tsk...

I guess if you tell Americans the same thing over and over for decades, they will eventually accept it as truth. That GOP tactic, with the tired phrase "liberal media", softened up the country enough up through the past decade for FOX News to not get laughed off the air.

Had FOX News been around in the 80's I don't think it would have made it, and I don't believe very many would have taken it seriously. The GOP continued to crank up its "liberal media" lies, and by the time FOX came around many of our people were ready to believe FOX was actually fair, or accurate, or whatever it claims to be.

I think the Republicans were hoping for something like FOX for decades, but the country just wasn't "ripe" yet. The natural offshoot of the advent of FOX is for other networks and news outfits to try and compete by emulating FOX. What a way to get control of the nation's media!

Soon they will all be saying the same kinds of things, and there won't be very many outlets for opposing views. And people will STILL be calling them a "liberal media".

Tsk, tsk.

Lizzy said...

Excellent insight, Snave. When I read your reply, it was like an epiphany. You got it. That's what they did.

Snave said...

Yeah! Those dirty-tricks-minded GOP doofii and their lies about the "liberal media"... sheesh!

Those dirty rotten conniving scheming maggot-infested evil slimy fetid foul rank rancid snot-eating, puerile putrescent SUCKING bunch of Antichrists!!

Those horrible smelly malodorous perverted hypocritical redneck cyst-assed toadies!!

Those simple slobbering scab-picking union-hating drooling ranting raving wild-eyed apoplectic pinheads!!

Those rude arrogant belligerent bellicose yelling hollering Hillbillies From Hell!!

Those exclusive power-hungry fundamentalist reconstructionist, dominionist theocratic slimeballs!!

Those racist homophobic bigoted scared moronic TV-dinner-eating residents of single-wides!!

Those stinky flatulent ill-mannered farting orally-well-diarrhaed poo-poo heads!!

Those AM-radio-ranting foam-at-the-mouth jack-booted anti-Democrat screed-writing vomitors of propagandic pornography!!

Those sly mephistophelian satanic, child-sacrificing pentagram-tattooed devil worshippers!!

And... I should never write comments on blogs after drinking a bunch of red wine! Heh! Sorry.


Jim Marquis said...

Snave- you are truly Lord of the Adjectives.

M said...

Snave really hit the nail on the head. I try not to watch the news anymore these days. I find myself relying more and more on what my friends call "Neutral Public Radio" (NPR), which I'm sure even has their own biases.

Damien said...

Damn maybe I should take up drinking prior to posting (as opposed to during and after), thanks Snaver :-)

Snave said...

I dunno, Damien. Sometimes things are a lot funnier when one is slightly inebriated than they would be otherwise...

Anyway, my doctor says I can bring my woefully low "good" cholesterol level up if I drink some red wine every day. So... Heh heh! Hopefully my posts will continue to be at least partially coherent!