Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Norman Update: Part Deux

Norman got mad when I held Wellstone, the parrot

Norman's orthopedic surgeon called this morning with their recommendation. As predicted, they believe he has a torn ACL and meniscus.

They recommend surgery as soon as possible to avoid further tearing and arthritis.

The recovery time for this surgery is 8 weeks. During that time, I will have to keep Norman's activity level to a minimum. (Easier said than done.)

Since we are in the middle of a huge basement renovation, I have decided to schedule the surgery when it is completed, or at least mostly completed.

I'm looking at early June.

Thanks for all of your well wishes. Norman & I appreciate the support!

Basement reno, day 22


Advocate1 said...

I love your dog! We're looking for a pet at the present time too. Oddly enough it's a toss up between a two year-old Shilo Shepherd and a mixed breed kitten.

Thank you for your interest in The Coalition for a Republican-Free America. We took the liberty of linking to you as well.

Advocate 1

Damien said...

You'll totally need to think out of the box to keep a french bulldog inactive. Nice that the problem is at least fixable (well sort off) poor little bugger.

Kick'n renovation effort (great to know the T-shirt arrived I just could'nt be bother hassling the good rabble folk by sending it to NZ)

motomama said...

Lizzy, I'm thinking of Norman all the time. Man, that basement is really coming along!

Snave said...

Glad the li'l feller is doing o.k. for now!

Lizzy said...

Thanks everyone!